Foxfire's Something Divine


CH Delta Divine Touche @ Foxfire


CH Foxfire's Something Hot

DOB: 2/19/21

Breeders: Michelle Santana

Owner:  Michelle Santana & Kendra Garrettson

Health Checks: To Young


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Ok, there is nothing cuter than a red and rust Doberman. Seriously! They take my breath away! Kendra and I fell in love with Zamora the moment we saw her. We went to meet her breeder for another puppy and when we saw Zamora we told her breeder that we would take her off her hands anytime! Well, lucky us…her breeder offered her to us not long after. Her breeder will retain breeding rights but we get to love her and show her. She is so sweet and gets along great with all of our dogs. She is also so good with little kids. Unfortunately she makes me want more and more Dobermans so hopefully that stage passes soon hehe Thank you so much to her breeder, Michelle for sharing her with us! 

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