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 Kalara's Feel That Fire 

GCH Kalara's Triple Jack


GCH Kalara's Angel In The Sky

DOB: 5/2/2022

Breeder: Shawna Garrettson & Valerie Schmaltz

Owner:  Shawna & Kendra Garrettson

Hips: To Young

Eyes: To Young

CHIC: To Young


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Posey is from a litter of ten. Her mom, Lacey decided to be like her Grandma Ruby and have a very large litter. Posey by far stood out in the litter from the moment they started gaiting around our yard and home. She has always been a favorite of mine. She was a bit quieter than the other littermates though. She was a little reserved but not skittish or timid. I knew she would need a little extra socializing and experiences so I asked my friend Margaret if she was willing to take her for a while to work on this. I am so thankful she did! Posey has been on so many great adventures with Margaret and even though Posey is back home with us, she will get to visit Margaret from time to time to go work on some event titles which will be wonderful for her!

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