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  Snowmist's Bazra  

CH Snowmist's Up In Smoke


CH Snowmist's Machenzie

DOB: 6/23/24

Breeder: Kim Ramey-Leblanc

Owner:  Shawna Garrettson & Carl Tan

Hips: To Young 

Eyes: To Young

CHIC: To Young


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Baz came from Kim Leblanc in Canada. Both Carl and I were looking for a dog to bring in and when we learned that Baz was available we were delighted. Baz has always had a wonderful temperament. He is very sweet, gets along great with my dogs and loves my young daughter. We learned that he enjoyed playing with Kim's grandkids growing up as a baby. They even named him, Bazra but he is mostly called Baz around here. He is not over the top energy and is just a simple and easy dog to live with. We are use getting him out here and there to show so more soon! 

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