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 How We Got Started 

     Back in 2004, Sean and I decided that we wanted to buy our first dog.  We looked all over the internet and found a Siberian Husky breeder in Texas.  They had a beautiful bi eyed black male available.  I sent them the money and they shipped our first Siberian Husky to us on an airplane.  We had no idea what we were in for!  When we would take him out and about, we got so many compliments.  Everyone loved him!  It wasn’t long before we decided he needed a playmate and purchased our second Siberian from a breeder in Oregon.  

     In 2007, while working at a vet clinic I learned about dog shows, health testing, reputable breeders vs back yard breeders etc.  My vet and boss at the time invited me to a dog show and I was hooked ever since!  I could clearly see the difference between a back yard bred Siberian and a well-bred Siberian Husky.  I really enjoyed this breed and wanted to learn more.  I spayed/neutered my dogs at the time and found wonderful pet homes for them.  I then found a breeder that didn’t care about my past and I purchased my first “show dog”.  Now, I was told at the time that no local breeders would sell me a dog because of my past.  However, I never even tried.  I went to the trusty internet and found a show breeder that would allow me to purchase my first show dog.  I started showing in early 2008 and again, I was hooked!

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 CH Kristari's Call Me Irresistible 



 CH Huskavarna's As Gentle As A Whisper 


     However, it wasn’t until I met Paula and Glen Marcy of Huskavarna Siberinas that I really started to learn and get going in showing.  They really took the time to mentor me.  Paula and I have spent countless hours on the phone talking dogs.  I have learned so much about yester year dogs as well as current dogs.  The amount of knowledge this woman has is amazing and I will ALWAYS be so grateful for all the time and effort she has put into me.  I have purchased about nine Siberians from Paula now and her dogs have been a great foundation to our kennel. I cannot thank both Paula and Glen enough.  They truly are the greatest to take so much time to mentor and trust me with their dogs.  Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

      To date, and I am sure this count will be growing quickly, I have finished close to twenty AKC Champions and five Grand Champions.  I have a Best in Specialty Show winning Siberian Husky that I bred.  However, it really is not the number of Champions that one has, but the quality.  My middle daughter Kendra has started showing in Jr’s and she too has really enjoyed herself.  She hopes to one day continue on with Kalara Siberians for many more generations.  We show in 1-4 dog shows each month and we try and attend the Siberian Husky Club Of America National Specialty each year.  Kendra and I are active members of the Lower Columbia Siberian Husky Club and I am a member of the Siberian Husky Club of America.  We do all health clearances on our dogs at the appropriate ages and we try and mentor and welcome all newcomers to our breed.  Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in learning more about showing Siberians in AKC conformation dog shows! 


 Kendra Reserve Best Junior in Show  with 
  GCH Kalara's Triple Jack  "JJ" 


 GCH Kalara's Triple Jack  


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